Saturday, January 17, 2009

~ The End ~

Hello everyone ..

This is my final blog entry .. I will never be blogging at all ..

I spent my whole night thinking how to start my last words ..

Day after day .. Time passes away rapidly ..

I don't hv any idea on neither my future nor my life is going to be ..

It seems to be harder than b4 .. Since i started my blog until now, i never talk much about my feeling (nt much doesn't mean no) ..

Thoughts like "What do I live for?" and "What is the meaning of my life?" keep bothering me .. It seems like a feeling of melancholy, and no medicine will cure it.

I know that i should be more optimistic bt unfortunately i never actually did that .. Why ?

I don't hv the magic or power to change my expectations bt i do hv the chance to look forward .. But why ?

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?

I don't need an answer or an advice .. Why?

Eventhough one day i will bcom a poor man; eventhough my life is unsuccessful, hopeless; or eventhough i will bcom a prisoner .. 

I won't try to blame anyone ..

Why ?

Bcos ..

That's my life ..

Thanks for helping me in the past .. Thanks for advising me in the past .. Thanks for caring me in the past .. Thanks for believing me in the past .. Thanks for everything ..

Finally it comes to an end and i appreciate all ur support as well ..

I would like to say THANK YOU for visiting my blog n accompanying me to the very end ..


I m here to say GOOD BYE N ALL DA BEST in ur life .. 

~ The End ~

Monday, January 12, 2009


It all started with the nightmares .. 

Is this a dream? Am I asleep? Is this really happening to me? 

Strapped in a strait jacket, I find myself stationed uncomfortably on a hard metal chair .. Two uniformed police officers stand over me, staring down at me .. One of them tugs forcefully on the jacket’s straps to verify that they are secure .. The other suddenly jerks my feet up off the floor almost pulling me from my chair in the process ..

Holding my shoes by the heels, he allows the first policeman to lock a pair of inversion boots tightly around my ankles ..

Next, I hear that distinct tearing sound as one of the officers rips off a couple yards of duct tape from a large gray roll with his teeth .. Together, the two meticulously wrap the tape steadfastly around the boots and over the buckles, making absolutely certain the boots won’t fly open once I’m hanging upside down .. 

Unable to move either my arms or feet, I attempt to see just how tight the strait jacket is by wriggling back and forth in my steel folding chair ..

There is no give, no slack at all .. I am completely confined ..

( To Be Continued .. )

Thursday, January 8, 2009

as sure as fate

as sure as fate ..

who ever thought about my feel ?

who ever thought i should be concerned about ?


calon ? wakil calon ? jentera ?

who knows ? 

i duno y should i join this kind of stuff jus to get the .............

i m so blur ..

nobody talk to me .. nobody cares about me .. just no one who cares about my feeling .. just bcos i m a stranger? 

i m so tired .. 

again again n again

bad things fall against my life till i m so tired ..

i m just a normal person .. a normal person sure got the feelings .. as ..

k . i . n . g . 

so funny ..

i cant even understand wat i m talking now but jus feel like wanna voice out ..

however ..

Why do you not understand my feelings? 

i m ..

i m just an annoying people ..

i m just a stupid guy ..

i m ..

Monday, January 5, 2009



就以华文为主!!! 哈哈!!!



希望今年可以比往年更快乐 ,更健康 ,更顺利 。。

希望我和会更好 。。乖乖哈 。。

还有 。。

更希望我和会更更更更甜蜜蜜 。。哈哈哈哈哈 !!!(你们不准笑 ,只有我可以)哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!!!

祝大家新年快乐 。。(很土啊)